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Grow your own Facelift

With all the advances in techniques and technology in cosmetic medicine we are seeing more and more clients choosing, as they are coining it to

“Grow your own facelift”

That said it’s always better to start these things early, the earlier the better, and this maintenance can save you a fair amount later. Look after your skins integrity, as it’s your skin that people look at.

It’s never too late 

Lets face it . Most of us could do with a little help with our skin to “get it in shape ”

We are here to help

The basis of most of the reasonably new advances in this area is to stimulate your body’s own collagen remodeling. There are many treatments that can achieve this Derma needling , PRP , RF etc. each of these treatments work to stimulate collagen remodeling to varying degrees.

In combination and alone we are seeing clients using these treatments to address fine lines, crepe skin , pigmented, dull, open pores, acne scaring, acne prone or and just Lifeless skin to name a few.

This newsletter we will talk about Radio frequency skin tightening 

Also known as RF – there are many branded names for this in the market place but we will call it by its name “Radio Frequency skin tightening” RF 

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~we don’t usually like to use the phrase ‘non surgical facelift’ as it can create unrealistic expectations. You can absolutely maintain your youthful face whilst avoiding ‘the knife’ but it does take dedication….. And of course the earlier you start the better! ~



~ Radio Frequency is an excellent modality for tightening the skin at a deeper level to maintain a firm,  more youthful structure.



~ RF creates heat in the deep dermis without causing injury to the epidermis. This controlled heating targets the collagen, causing the fibres to contract as well as promoting collagen synthesis to stimulate new collagen formation.



~ There is an instant lifting effect, this unfortunately subsides after a few days on the 1st treatment , however it makes this 1st treatment the perfect ‘pre party’ treatment. You will then see a gradual improvement of the firmness of the skin as the new collagen is formed. This process continues for 6-8 weeks post treatment and becomes greater with each treatment.



~ A warm massage! That’s right, beauty is not pain with this treatment!



~ 4-6 treatments every 4-6 weeks depending on the initial condition of your skin, your desired results and your treatment plan.



~ Honestly, the younger the better. It is ideal from mid thirties to early fifties. After that you will by all means benefit from the treatment however you must remain realistic about the achievable outcomes. It is also a fantastic treatment to improve the integrity of the skin in preparation for other lifting procedures ie. Thread lift, liquid facelift’ and surgery.

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