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Hi guys!

Have to say I’m currently looking rather brown.

I’ve been testing our new melanotan.

I’ll be specific it’s melanotan 1 not 2, as 2 has a bit of controversy I’m uncertain about – but I will test that too next and let you all know.

But after daily injections with the tiniest needle, of the tiniest amount into the surface of my skin . A nice sit in the sunshine , all I have to do is get “some” sunshine, not strip down.
Just 10 mins a day so I’m also getting my required vitamin D. ?


Why am I loving this

1 – I like a tan , who doesn’t , you glow , look healthy, not to mention ( I might be kidding myself ) I think I look slimmer ?
But like everyone, I don’t like the skin damage that comes from long periods in the sun.

2- I hate the smell of spray tan, not to mention the chemicals.

3- I can’t stand the dirty sheets.
It seems endless, just when I’m not shedding the tan , it’s time to get another spray .

4- I’ve no time to get to the salon each week, plus the waiting time for the tan to set.

5- I don’t like going patchy and streaky.

Yup Ive tried every brand professional or not, they all result in the sheets, the streaks, I just can’t stand it

The financials

As a rough guide for you, as I’m always looking out for something that’s economically viable.

The initial month or rather the stage where you inject daily to build your tan is probably a bit more expensive than a spray tan weekly ( although if you factor the time as time your not earning, then probably not )

After you reach your desired colour you then just maintain so it’s approx the same as spray tanning

How do you get it

Well you can come through Aphrodite and Apollo of course

Simply call and book a consult over FaceTime with the doc
If your suitable your tan will be on the way that day .

Could a tan be easier ?

Call 1300 666 244 to book in

Stand by I’m testing a new cream to Australia next week that’s huge in the states
But let’s see if it works

Cara Louise

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