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Hey all,

Dr. Bao here from Aphrodite and Apollo! Thank you all for continuing to follow us and trusting us with your journey towards a refreshed and rejuvenated self. For this blog update I want to personally spend some time to shed light on an amazing new service we’ve brought to you known as the facial thread lift.

Truth is, non-surgical threadlifting has been around for decades—BUT, the technology of past behind the threads has not always been kind or predictable. Luckily for us, those days of total anaesthesia, cutting into the skin, stitching, and permanent threads with high infection rates are gone!

The threads we use now are typically a one hour procedure requiring no incisions, no stitching and no downtime for only a fraction of a surgical facelift! Made from the natural chemicals in your body known as lactic acid, they stimulate collagen growth as they dissolve, leaving a collagen support structure in the fat pads deep below your skin.

In Europe, these threads have been used to use anything from drooping eyebrows to sagging necks. This technology is new to Australia. We at Aphrodite and Apollo pride ourselves on looking for the latest and most cutting edge services to bring to our patients. Currently, we’re offering these treatments to treat the following areas:

  • Bringing contour and volume to the mid face
  • Stubborn lines between the nose and the cheeks
  • Lifting jowls

In a month’s time, as Dr. Ilan, Dr. Zac and I travel overseas to learn from world renown experts to provide proven and tested methods of lifting necks and eyebrows for you. We’re excited about being one of the rare clinics in Australia to bring this to you, and we have many happy patients already experiencing the benefits of this treatment. If you feel the same way we do about facial threadlifting, we’re happy to see you in one of our locations and discuss if it’s right for you.

Til next time, keep it fresh and 100% naturally you

Dr. Bao

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