Injectable Tan

INJECTABLE TAN Stay sun kissed all year round!

Tanning can get quite expensive when there’s no sunshine around!

Say hello to months of tanned skin without the expense and headaches!


Injectable Tan injections are an alternative to tanning without the sun damage.

Injectable Tan is a synthetic peptide hormone that helps us to providing automatic glow & skin tanning. Injectable Tan stimulates the production of melanin in the body to foster a deep, natural tan.

Injectable Tan works by stimulating the release of the pigment melanin from the skin. Injectable Tan works best on people with fair skin tones.

How is MT Used?

After a online Skype or Facetime consult with one of our Doctors, the peptide is shipped enclosed in a vial.   It comes with instructions to be injected under the skin where it is absorbed into the skin and spreads throughout.


Lasting Tan:

Even if the dosage is stopped, a warm sun-kissed tan can last for months at a time without any exposure to the sun.

Reduced exposure to sunlight (UV rays):  Injectable Tan still needs exposure to sunlight to be effective.  However it will allow the user a significant reduction in time to develop desired tan.

Side effects:  Side effects for Injectable Tan may include nausea, appetite loss, facial flushing and increased libido. Side effects are generally mild and tend to diminish over time.

Dosage:  One of our Doctors will advise the correct dosage for you in your online Skype or Facetime consult.


That’s less than the cost of 10 spray tans! And includes an online Skype or Facetime Dr Consult.

“We will also teach you how to self inject with our guide – easy and almost painlessly”

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