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Having too much pigmentation in your skin can lead to unsightly blemishes and marks you will want to get rid of as effectively as possible. The types of blemishes that can appear on your skin include birth marks, which are obviously with you from birth, whereas sun spots can appear after exposure to UV radiation. Hormone levels can also cause marks on your skin and often appear during pregnancy. If you damage your skin at any time, this can also lead to blemishes remaining.

There are many forms of skin pigmentation treatment and we can help you decide which one is best for your skin.

What types of skin pigmentation treatments are there?

Issues with excessive skin pigmentation can be treated using a laser, or using a lightening cream. Which treatment is used depends on the type of issue being treated and the preference of the patient. In many cases, laser treatment is more effective, but there is a chance that the excessive pigmentation could be worsened or the normal pigmentation of the skin could be adversely affected. After treatment there is usually a period of recovery. Treatment with lightening creams does not involve any recovery period, but the excessive skin pigmentation is generally only lightened, and not removed altogether.

We will advise you on the best skin pigmentation treatment for you.

Here are some examples you may want to look at.

Treatment of sun spots.

Sun spots are generally located on the surface of the skin, and do not go very deep. They are generally treated using a laser. Different types of lasers are available depending on the patient, such as people who have darker or olive skin, which can be more difficult to treat.

Treatment of hyperpigmentation caused by trauma
This type of problem can be aggravated by the use of lasers, so creams containing ingredients such as hydrocortisone and kojic acid are generally used for treatment.

Treatment of brown birthmarks
Much like sunspots, superficial birthmarks are normally located on the surface of the skin, and do not go very deep. Laser skin pigmentation treatment is normally recommended in the case of these birthmarks.

How can we help with your skin pigmentation problems?

It doesn’t matter why you have excessive skin pigmentation. If it’s making you self-conscious then getting professional skin pigmentation treatment can really help to improve your confidence. We consistently provide treatment for people who are in the same position as you. We understand you may have concerns and we will talk through all treatment options with you.

Contact Aphrodite and Apollo Cosmetic Medicine today and we will make sure you get the dedicated and professional skin pigmentation treatment you deserve.

Important: Any surgical , non surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Photos on this website are for references purposes only. Individual results may vary. *Prices may vary dependent on the individual and the patients desired result.

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